2020 Ford Escape driving on road

How long is the cargo space in a 2020 Escape?

2020 Escape continues to lead in cargo space availability

If you are like most people, you carry your life with you wherever you go. Your car is your second home and storage center, which is why cargo space is always an important quality to keep in mind when you are shopping for a new vehicle.

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The Ford Escape has already been known to be the cargo-lover’s dream vehicle, and every year Ford continues to improve on this class-leading automobile. The 2020 Escape was designed with the traveler in mind, as the cargo space availability is better than ever. Choose from five different styles—S, SE, SE Sport, SEL, and Titanium—and get ready to hit the road.

2020 Escape Cargo Specifications

Woman adjusts setting on second row of seats on 2020 Ford Escape.

With the newly designed 60/40 split-fold seats, the 2020 Escape offers more cargo space to hold all your possessions. This feature allows enough space to fit a full-size dog crate, so even your furry companion can come along for the ride.

Optimized seating in the Escape gives 33.5 cu. ft (cubic feet) of cargo space at its lowest, while providing 37.5 at its maximum.

If you are looking to invest in a hybrid/plug-in hybrid, plan to give up a bit of cargo space, but it is nothing to fear. You would still have a larger storage space compared to other vehicles in its class. The optimized hybrid setting would offer 30.7 cu. ft. of space, while the maximum would offer 34.4.

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Cargo Space Includes Addition Feature

Ford understands that when it comes to traveling with your possessions, one of the struggles is the ability to hide your items from prying eyes. The 2020 Escape offers a cargo shade that can easily be raised and lowered to keep your possessions out of sight.

It is easy to say with the 2020 Escape in your life, you are in better hands for claiming all the adventures life throws at you.