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Colorado Vehicle Fees: Tax, Title & License Renewal

How Much Are Vehicle Tax, Title and Registration Fees in Colorado?

Whether you’re in the process of introducing a new vehicle to your driveway or just keeping the paperwork up to date on your trusty old clunker, car ownership is full of hidden fees along the way. Lucky for us, Colorado falls in the midrange for cost of vehicle ownership in the states. We’ve sorted through the documents to show you how much you can expect to pay for vehicle tax, title, and registration fees in Colorado.

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How Much Are the Fees for Buying a Car in Colorado?

How much will my sales tax be on my car?
In Colorado, vehicle sales tax is based on where the car is purchased. Colorado collects a 2.9% state sales tax rate on the purchase of all vehicles, but you may also accrue a county tax of up to 5%, plus a city or local tax of up to 8%. Please note that the maximum amount that can be owed in tax is $525.

Here in Trinidad, CO, the current total local sales tax rate is 8.4%. (2.9% Colorado Sales Tax + 1.5% Las Animas County + 4% Trinidad)

How much does a vehicle title cost?
Colorado has a title fee of $7.20, which covers the cost of creating a new title to transfer legal ownership of the vehicle to your name.

How much does it cost to transfer plates?
Some states also charge a fee to transfer license plates after the sale of a vehicle. In Colorado, there is a plate transfer fee of $25.

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How Much Does It Cost to Renew Your License Plate Registration in Colorado?

Registration fees include a license fee and an ownership tax. License Fees are based on the weight of the vehicle. This fee usually runs about $75.00 for passenger vehicles, or $90.00 for light truck vehicles. Ownership Tax is based on the age and taxable value of the vehicle.

For a more accurate estimate of your vehicle’s registration fees, please visit the Colorado DMV Website.

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