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Why Do My Windows Get Foggy in Winter?

Winter is known for causing all kinds of headaches. It can be especially infuriating for drivers. The snow and ice are notorious for the problems that they can cause. There are plenty of driving tips and tricks out there to help you navigate through the winter woes.

There are a lot of smaller problems that winter can bring. Shoveling snow off of your car and out of your driveway is annoying. It is even more annoying to find your windows fogged up after all of that shoveling. Spending 10 or 15 minutes clearing your windows only to find out they are foggy is a nightmare. How do we prevent that fog from happening?

How To Prevent Foggy Windows

Cleanliness is important, not only for the quality of your ride but for the clearness of your windshield as well. Dirt and dust give the moisture more to cling to, so keeping a clean windshield will help prevent the fog from building up. Taking a few moments to let your engine to heat up to warm the air ducts that will help the defroster become more effective.

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You can also do a few things to help keep the moisture level low. Melting snow, steam from coffee, and even breathing will all contribute to the moisture in your car. After cleaning off your car, it might be worth it to store wet boots and gloves in the trunk if possible. You should also stop recirculating the air if you have been using it. This will get fresh air into your car and help defog the windows.

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